Where to buy OG Kush UK

Buy OG Kush UK from the Ganja Buzzer Dispensary ranging an ounce for £200 -£1800 a pound. Moreover our OG Kush flowers are of the highest growing quality and harvest. The cannabis strain known as OG Kush is a cross between the male Hindu Kush plant and the female Chemdawg plant. 25 percent Sativa and 75 percent Indica make up its genetic makeup. Furthermore, it has slightly darker, sharper, smaller, and more dense buds. The THC content of the plant can range from 19 to 24 percent. Expect a powerful, mixed high with extreme euphoria from this strain; this is followed by a serious couch-lock. For lovers of either Sativa or Indica, OG Kush is the ideal hybrid strain.


OG Kush Cannabis United Kingdom

3.5 grams – £30.00
1/2 oz(14) – £88.00
1oz(28g) – £170.00

The prices of OG Kush cannabis strain in UK varies depending on its Quality, also whether its from a Dispensary or street. Furthermore the average National Price of OG Kush in UK is about £10 to £12 per gram and 28 grams (ounce): £160-280 according to the Quality.

When you exhale, the effects of OG Kush begin almost immediately, infusing your brain with an elevated feeling of carefree euphoria. You will also find yourself feeling sociable. Also increasing your communication with people around you, thus making you relaxed. Additionally, a subsequent hunger pang leaves users with a severe case of the munchies, forcing them to grab any goodies they can find.

average cost of an eighth of OG Kush in 7 major UK cities 2022

  • London: £24.00
  • Glasgow: £21.76
  • Birmingham: £22.00
  • Bristol: £20.23
  • Liverpool: £20.00
  • Manchester: £19.00
  • Leeds: £18.45

Although Marijuana is illegal in the UK even for recreational purpose, You can buy OG Kush lower is some UK cities as compared to USA. Though medical Marijuana has been legal since 2018 within the UK for medical use. It is not easy get a hold of prescription card. Buy OG Kush IN UK cause it is well know and good for medical use for treating conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and others.



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