11 reasons why marijuana should be legal in Idaho 2022

Reasons marijuana should be legal in Idaho, One form or another, several states held ballots to determine the future of the legal cannabis sector. Despite the fact that marijuana is an illegal narcotic under federal law. More than half of all adults in the United States, or over 128 million people, have tried it. Clearly 600,000 people in the United States are arrested for marijuana possession yearly. Also more than one person every minute. The public’s support for marijuana legalization has risen from 12% in 1969 to 66% presently. In 2012, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, commonly known as adult-use marijuana. many states such as Washington, Oregon, Montana, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado. Furthermore New Mexico and other states have fully legalized the use of Marijuana

Reasons marijuana should be legal Idaho

While Laws of states like Idaho, Wyoming, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kansas fully prohibit the use of marijuana. Legalizing recreational marijuana in Idaho would boost the economy by billions of dollars. Create hundreds of thousands of jobs, free up scarce police resources. In addition its end the state’s massive racial inequities in marijuana enforcement. Marijuana regulation will reduce street crime in Idaho, Wyoming, and other states that have marijuana laws. Drug cartels will lose money as a result of legalization, and marijuana will be safer to use thanks to mandatory testing, labelling, and child-proof packaging. They argue that marijuana is less hazardous than alcohol and that adults should be able to consume it if they so choose.

Opponents of recreational marijuana legalization argue that it will increase teen use and lead to more medical problems. Including traffic deaths caused by impaired driving. They argue that legalization’s revenue pales in comparison to the costs of increased hospital visits. Also addiction treatment, environmental harm, criminality, occupational accidents, and lost productivity. They argue that marijuana usage is harmful to the user’s physical and mental health. That it should also be strictly prohibited rather than legalized.

11 Reasons to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana in Idaho?

  1. Prohibition wastes public funds, whereas legalizing and taxing marijuana generates much-needed cash. According to the Congressional Research Service. Repealing cannabis prohibition and replacing it with taxation and regulation would generate $6.8 billion in excise taxes alone. Taxes on cannabis sales brought in $600 million in Washington State in 2020. Some reasons marijuana should be legal In Idaho
  2. Legalization of marijuana benefits the economy : By 2025, the marijuana market in the United States (including adult-use and medical) might generate more than $24 billion in revenue. Between $2.13 and $2.40 in economic activity is generated for every $1.00 spent in the marijuana market. Between $2.13 and $2.40 in economic activity is generated for every $1.00 spent in the marijuana market. Thus legal marijuana will increase the revenue in Idaho.
  3. Arresting cannabis offenders diverts police attention away from more serious crimes. The FBI recorded 663,367 cannabis arrests and citations across the US in 2019. There have been more arrests for violent offenses than for all other crimes combined. Meanwhile, according to FBI data, making an arrest only cleared 33 percent of rapes. Furthermore 31 percent of robberies, and 14 percent of burglaries.
  4. Cannabis laws are enforced disproportionately. Despite identical rates of use, Black people are more than 3.5 times as likely as white people to be arrested for cannabis possession, according to the ACLU.
  5. Prohibition pushes a huge number of people through the criminal justice system, damaging a lot of people’s lives. Since 1995, the FBI reports that more than 15 million cannabis arrests have occurred in the United States. While non-convicted cannabis users have gone on to become president or Supreme Court justices. A criminal conviction might make it difficult to get work, obtain housing, or obtain a professional license, student loan, food aid, driver’s license, or guns permit.
  6. Consumer safety is ensured by the legalization of marijuana. Cannabis will not be tested for purity or potency due to prohibition. Contamination by harmful chemicals, molds, germs, or even lacing is a possibility. This is one of the key reason why marijuana should be legal in Idaho. People who acquire marijuana on the street have no way of knowing if it’s contaminated with mildew or fungus. If it contains pesticides or other potentially dangerous things. The government will be able to enforce laboratory tests and restrictions once marijuana is authorized. To verify that marijuana is toxin-free
  7. Prohibition has a negative impact on the environment. In addition Illegal marijuana farmers have been known to use forbidden pesticides. Also reroute waterways, and dump hazardous trash in state and national parks. Cannabis businesses that are regulated are closely checked to verify that they are following all zoning and environmental regulations.
  8. Prohibition of marijuana leads to increased violence. Driving this rich sector underground, as was the case during the prohibition of alcohol, results in violence. Both buyers and sellers are at risk of being assaulted.
  9. The proceeds from the legalization of marijuana are used to fund critical government programs. Idaho’s legal marijuana tax income will be used to pay police, drug treatment, and mental health clinics. Housing initiatives, as well as anti-bullying campaigns, kid mentorship, and public school funding, are all available.
  10. The legalization of marijuana will result in the creation of tens of thousands of employment. According to a report by New Frontier Data. The cannabis business has the potential to create a quarter-million new jobs in Idaho and other states. According to the Marijuana Policy Group’s economic effect projection, legalization will result in the creation of more than 130,000 jobs in California. Within a few years after legalization, some 18,000 new full-time employment were produced in Colorado. Each year, both in the marijuana industry and in adjacent areas like security and real estate.
  11. Marijuana legalization is supported by a majority of Americans. A Gallup poll released in 2018 indicated a new high of 66 percent support for marijuana legalization. Furthermore up from 12 percent in 1969, the first year the polling company queried about the topic. In 2011, the poll received more than 50% support for the first time.



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