Buy Penis Envy Mushrooms


what makes Penis Envy mushrooms different and special

The difference between the psilocin and psilocybin ratios in penis envy mushrooms makes them feel far more magical than regular mushrooms. Because less psilocybin needs to be converted to psilocin, the trip begins more quickly and becomes heavier very quickly. This not only hits you faster, which feels better, but the trip also lasts the same amount of time overall. With a Penis Envy mushroom, you’ll continue to experience a high for several hours.

According to reviews by few shroomers who has ingested a Penis Envy mushroom, they described thier experience as light and floaty. Trips induced by penis envy are far more vivid, visual, and emotional. You’ll have a sense of exhilaration while wandering around freely in your home and feel lighter, more energized, and happy.

Their difficulty to grow makes them stand out visibly from Penis Envy mushrooms and other shroom strains. The right atmosphere and care are needed for penis envy mushrooms to bloom. Penis Envy have a lower pin rate than other Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and take roughly 30% longer to colonize the substrate.

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