How much does Durban Poison Cost?

An ounce Durban poison cost, Durban Poison is a sativa strain which originates from the South Africa city of Durban.
Durban Poison costs roughly $10 per gram on average across the country. The price is also dependent on your state, city, and location. Furthermore, the time of year has an impact on it. Furthermore, the time of year has an impact on it. For example, in Kentucky, a gram of Durban Poison costs $10 on average, but in Los Angeles, the same strain costs $15 to $20 on average. Furthermore an ounce of Durban poison can cost $250 in some states while it can reach as high as $320 in other states.

Durban Poison is definitely a pure Sativa strain with a 21% THC content. its Genetics is made up of 100% sativa and 0% Indaca. Also it has 1% CBD. This cannabis is one of a kind, with a well-balanced mix of spicy and sweet flavors. It also has a vanilla, spiced orange, fennel, and lemon taste.

How much is an ounce of Durban Poison?

Ounce of Durban Poison varies depending on the state or region, and also on te dispensary. Durban Poison Cost for an ounce ranges from $250 to $320 . The quality also has a small role in the price, whether is in recreational dispensary or street cost. How much does durban poison cost is a frequent asked question. So elow are some average cost of durban poison price for an ounce and per gram in some cities.

In New york an ounce of durban poison is around $335. Furthermore a gram goes for about $12. Nevertheless some dispensaries goes as high as $15.

In Los Angeles, a gram of this strain will set you back roughly $18 on average. This is a higher figure than in other cities. Moreover you can have good deals at different stores. A gram for just $10 at Ganja buzzer also $280 for ounce. We also has some of the best deals around on larger quantities.

 Durban Poison In San Francisco, a gram of Durban costs roughly $15 on average. However, it may be found for as little as $13. While an ounce costs around $400.

A gram of Durban costs about $20 on average in Nevada. It can, however, be had for as low as $14. While the average price of an ounce of gold is $405,



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