best cannabis strains for anxiety and ptsd

There are a variety of cannabis strains that will aid with PTSD and anxiety. More patients diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety have been able to turn to cannabis for assistance. As medicinal and adult-use cannabis programs have grown across the country and become more readily accessible. Additionally, PTSD and anxiety disorders are just two of the authorized diseases that allow Nevada individuals to participate in the state’s medicinal marijuana program. Cannabis, without a doubt, may give equivalent alleviation for both. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health illness that commonly develops after an individual has been through a terrible event or series of events in their lives. This and other mental health issues, such as anxiety, which affects a vast number of people.

Both of these illnesses can be exceedingly difficult to manage. Moreover none has a treatment plan that will completely resolve the problem. Certain types of cannabis therapy have been administered to PTSD and anxiety sufferers. This have proven to be effective in reducing trauma.

best cannabis strains for anxiety and ptsd

How it helps to Treat PTSD and Anxiety?

Cannabis use reduces activity in the amygdala. Which is the part of the brain that controls fear responses. Furthermore, some studies suggests that cannabis can help patients with PTSD forget about their trauma memories. Which can be quite beneficial. Anecdotally, many with PTSD have praised the medical effects of cannabis. Panic attacks, anxiety, and other unpleasant consequences of PTSD can be treated. Though study has been carried out, it is still inconclusive. Scientific study has been done on the effects of medical marijuana on PTSD and anxiety symptoms, and the results have been very positive. Certain marijuana strains have been touted as being particularly useful in treating several conditions.

Cannabis has also been demonstrated to effectively relieve physical and mental anxiety in a few exploratory investigations. Whether it is used on a daily basis to treat anxiety disorder symptoms or only as needed to address infrequent spells of heightened anxiety. Cannabis is frequently used to treat various illnesses since it is a convenient and effective way to provide rapid relief.

Psychotherapy or group therapy should be used as the first treatment for PTSD sufferers. In order to assist them cope with their traumatic event. The trauma that PTSD sufferers have encountered determines their ability to overcome recollection of this terrible incident. They should also consider how successfully they employ the therapist’s tools. People with PTSD frequently experience chronic pain, insomnia, and a loss of appetite, among other symptoms. Certain marijuana strains, particularly those with high in CBD. Can considerably aid patients suffering from PTSD in alleviating their symptoms. You can use cannabis to treat your PTSD or anxiety in a few different ways. To help relieve your symptoms, you can smoke, vape, or ingest cannabis.

Cannabis Strain for Anxiety and PTSD

The Best Cannabis Strains for PTSD and Anxiety

Below is the list of the best Cannabis strains of cannabis that can be helpful for PTSD and anxiety

Harlequin: If you have been diagnosed with PTSD or anxiety, Harlequin is an essential strain to have on hand. Harlequin is a CBD-rich, Sativa-dominant marijuana strain that is less prone to produce severe euphoric effects. Because the CBD level is higher than the THC content. It’s an excellent alternative for people with PTSD and anxiety who want to use it during the day. Without a doubt Harlequin sativa cannabis strain is helpful for anxiety and ptsd disorder.

Cannabis Strains-for-PTSD-and-Anxiety

2. Blue Dream: This strain is recognized for its calming and uplifting properties. Which can be beneficial to persons suffering from PTSD or anxiety. Blue Dream is a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain. That is use for both cerebral stimulation and relaxation. Moreover Blue Dream cannabis strain created by combining Blueberry and Haze. Also it’s ideal for a balanced, elevated, and relaxing high. Blue Dream has a high-but-not-too-high THC level of 18 percent, which is ideal for both beginner and experienced cannabis users.

Expected feelings of exhilaration, happiness, and profound relaxation, is common after taking this cannabis strain. This Blue dream strain has been claimed to help with depression.

3. Mimosa: Mimosa is a cross between the Clementine and Purple Punch strains. The major terpene in this strain is myrcene, which is closely followed by pinene and limonene. This feature contributes to the strain’s overall upbeat and invigorating effects.

marijuana Strains for PTSD and Anxiety

4. Miss USA: Miss USA is a euphoric hybrid cannabis strain. In addition Miss USA has helped 44 percent of users with PTSD. Miss USA is a happy and uplifting strain that promotes laughter, enjoyment, and having a good time. This Indica hybrid could be a good choice for people who have depression symptoms. Also those who are being treated for PTSD or anxiety as a patient.

5. Do-Si-Dos: Do-Si-Dos is an indica strain with a limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool terpene profile unlike any other. The calming benefits of this strain are accompanied by a surge of euphoria. It’s a fantastic alternative for anybody suffering from anxiety or PTSD. It has a THC content of roughly 21% in most cases.

6. ACDC: T cannabis strain has high CBD, which has anti-inflammatory and anxiety-relieving qualities, is abundant in this strain.

7. Zkittlez: Zkittlez is an indica-dominant hybrid with Grape Ape, Grapefruit, and a third unnamed strain as parents. The major terpene in this strain is caryophyllene. Humulene (derived from hops) and linalool are next, with humulene (derived from hops) and linalool following closely behind. The terpene profile of this strain leaves the user feeling relaxed, joyful, and euphoric.


8. Bubba Kush: This strain is recognized for its calming properties, which is beneficial to persons suffering from PTSD or anxiety.

11 best marijuana strains for Anxiety and PTSD

9. Middlefork x Pineapple Express: Middlefork x Pineapple Express is a Sativa marijuana strain with an average THC content of 18%. Though certain Middleford x Pineapple Express buds can have considerably more THC than that, up to 20%. This means that if you’re new to cannabis or prefer strains with less euphoric effects, MxPE might not be the sativa for you. However, if you enjoy being high, it could be a good way to deal with PTSD or anxiety. This strain is also known for uplifting. You will be relief and it is able to help with depression and energizing. it is better use throughout the day rather than before bed.

10. Webster: Webster is a high-intensity Sativa strain. It’s also a good choice for people with PTSD because of its inspiring, elevating, and energetic qualities. People think it’s a smart choice for medical cannabis before going to the gym; physical exercise is one of the natural therapies for PTSD and anxiety. This is one of the greatest strains for PTSD patients if you don’t feel motivated to go to the gym on your own. Webster is also good to relief stress, mental clarity, and weariness.

Webster strain
Webster strain

11. Biddy Early: Biddy Early is a medical cannabis strain with a low THC concentration that offers uplifting, creative, and euphoric effects. In addition Many people who have suffered from PTSD and have undergone a traumatic event have said that Biddy Early has helped them deal. It has the ability to uplift moods, inspire creative activity, and bring mental and physical relaxation. It’s a fantastic choice for all users because of the modest THC level; it’s not too overwhelming for newcomers. Biddy Early is widely known as one of the most effective cannabis strains for PTSD.


Without a doubt Cannabis has been proven to be an excellent treatment for anxiety and PTSD. If you’re suffering from one of these ailments, medical marijuana may be a viable choice for you. The cannabis strains mentioned above will indeed give you great relie from anxiety and ptsd. Furthermore To help relieve your symptoms, you can smoke, vape, or ingest cannabis. You’ll need a medical marijuana card if you want to use cannabis to treat your PTSD or anxiety. You must visit with a doctor and discuss your ailment in order to obtain a medicinal marijuana card. Please contact us at Ganja Buzzer for assistance in obtaining a medicinal marijuana card. After obtaining the medical card, you will allowed to use the card to buy medicinal cannabis from licensed dispensaries.



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